Filmmaker United International Film Festival (FUIFF)
Submissions will open from February 2023!
Filmmakers United International Film Festival (FUIFF)
IMDB Qualified Festival

The main goal of our festival is to raise awareness for a positive change internationally, nationally, in cultures and societies, specific groups, socially, politically, etc… for example, subjects involving human- and animal rights, climate change, cultural issues, projects to increase the quality of life, or film and documentaries on similar topics.

The Mission of FUIFF is to create a platform that every independent filmmaker needs in order to showcase and get recognition for their films. They will be able to express their material freely and do not have to follow the same demands as with commercial films.

The objective of the Film Festival is to support independent filmmakers through reviewing, judging, marketing, distribution networking, and trying to overcome any other obstacles which potentially hinder the artist’s ability to create. Entries are judged against a high standard of merit and are scored accordingly.

To give continuity to the selection process and steady feedback to the filmmakers, we are running a monthly edition. Instead of waiting for months before getting an answer from the festival, filmmakers are immediately contacted if selected. Their works are privately reviewed every month and evaluated by a team of experts in the industry.

We treat every entry as a uniqueness on its own, in that sense, there is no competition against other filmmakers. To us, the impact of your film or documentary is most important.

FUIFF aims to create a strong network between filmmakers, producers, and distributors on a global scale.

We cannot wait to see what you have created.

The Jury Team
FUIFF is supported by the industry's top, well-experienced creative Jury members to choose Annual Award Winners every year!
Awards and Benefits
Our goal is to connect you with a worldwide audience
  • Screening
    We do live screenings of the winning films before the award ceremony. Apart from that, some hand-picked projects will receive invitations for screening their film in the health sector, government departments, schools, colleges for training, education centers, and awareness purposes.
  • Awards & Price
    The FUIFF Annual Winner with the highest rank will receive a trophy and an official certificate. Other selections won’t go empty-handed either, please check our listing on Film Freeway to find out more about this.
  • Marketing
    All officially selected projects will receive shoutouts on our social media pages each and every month and Tag on IMDB if applicable.
  • Interview
    We interview award-winning filmmakers in the final stages to promote their film projects.
  • Film market
    We love good projects and will hand-pick the best ones. The selections will then receive an offer from us for distribution of the film on the Film Market. Because your entry was with us, you will not be charged with a fee for this, but a commission will be deducted from the after-sales should your film be successful.
  • Distribution Deal
    We work with partner distributors if your film matches our and their distribution requirements. Therefore, we will try to get you the best distribution deal.
What our submitter say about us
Andrea Morey
Filmmaker from USA
We are very honored to have been part of this wonderful festival, an incredible experience, and happy with the recognitions obtained with our work Sabor a ti, we hope to return soon with future works, highly recommended for filmmakers. Thank you Filmmakers United International Film Festival.
Sanjay Raina
Filmmaker from India
I was very pleased with my experience even though I was not able to attend the festival. I was honored with a great award. Would like to thank all the organizers.

Christian Hernández Sánchez

Filmmaker from Mexico
Muy buen festival y muy recomendable. Un saludo desde México.

Gaurav Kulshrestha

Filmmaker from India
A great experience. Excellent communication and quality. Thanks a lot, FUIFF for the Honorable mention award to VRINDAVAN THE HUMAN SANCTUARY documentary. Best wishes for future.
Ensadi J Sabtoso
Filmmaker from Indonesia
I am so happy my music composer Diandra Jions was selected for the best music composer award FUIFF 2021
Jalaladdin Gasimov
Filmmaker from Azerbaijan
Thank you for this amazing festival, we were very satisfied with everything.
How to Submit Project
Please read all rules and regulations before the submission and prepare your content, cover letter, and all relevant information about your film.
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Make your account in, upload your project and all other information (make sure the project solely belongs to you and you own the license of image and audio in the film)

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